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The Right Kind of Friends or Why WoS is Great:

With the fall events approaching, I wanted to share a personal story with members and potential members. When I began looking back out our past events and I was looking at what stories to highlight, I began thinking about what WoS stands for and what it tries to accomplish. In doing so I realized that it all boils down to creating a catalyst environment where our members come together and share information, share their knowledge and essentially make a difference in each other’s lives.

When I initially joined, I was very focused on how the WoS organization will help me develop professionally; however, in looking back, I realized that I also gained much more on a personal level. I have met some very dynamic, inspirational ladies with whom I have become friends and who have made a positive impact in my life. A case in point, I have challenged myself to run my first ever 10 km marathon - the Longboat Toronto Island Run this coming September. I found out of this from a WoS member when we got together following one of our events and we joined as a team, on the spur of the moment. When we signed up in June, I was not able to run 1 km straight without stopping. Using them as my support group has kept me motivated and inspired throughout this training process and I know I will have no trouble making it to the finish line. This is just one of my many positive experiences since joining the organization.

Our community brings together some pretty amazing ladies and this is my favorite part of being a WoS Member.